Chris Jayden

Hi, I’m Chris Jayden!

Welcome to my little corner of the web where I share what I'm learning about shipping great products, becoming a better developer and where I showcase my passion for photography.

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Most of the content on this blog is about Svelte. It's an awesome framework that I've been day in and day out for the last couple of years.

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Things I've built

  1. StarDigest logo
    Company / Project
    Don't let your Github stars go to waste.
  2. Modulize: Email logo
    Company / Project
    Modulize: Email
    A collection of open-source copy and paste email templates.
  3. HEATE logo
    Company / Project
    Niche community where we teach music producers how to make a living online.
  4. logo
    Company / Project
    A 24/7 radio station for the Neo Tokyo community.