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October 1, 2020

How To Add Your ThriveCart Affiliate Link In the Cart Footer

Usually I remove the ThriveCart branding from my checkouts. However, on my new project (Swipeloft) I wanted to show the branding. And I noticed that the ThriveCart logo in the cart footer isn't clickable by default. I guess this makes sense, because you don't want users to leave your checkout. However, if someone is clicking on footer links in your checkout, most likely they weren't focused on making a purchase anyway.

Long story short, if I want to add the ThriveCart branding for added trust, I might as well make it clickable 💪.

Now, if this is something you want to do as well, I got good news for you. I wrote a little bit of code—child’s play really—that will make the logo clickable.

This code will go into the tracking tab and just replace the link between quotes with your own affiliate link. Here’s the good stuff 🤑.

-- GIST --

🎉 Psssttt, my high-converting ThriveCart templates are now live and available for download! You can view all the demo's here.

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